Daisy Ridley’s 10 Possibly Unknown Facts

We found a list of what we’re calling “The 10 Possibly Unknown Facts About Daisy Ridley”. You can check it out below!

10. At the time she was cast as Rey, Daisy was considered to be entirely unknown.

Daisy has starred in a few productions over in England but nothing so major that she would be a worldwide figure of renown. That changed quickly however when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out. Soon enough Rey was a household name as the movie was pushed nearly everywhere it could be.

9. She’s been trained as a dancer as well.

This could have been a great bit of help in Daisy‘s training since she had to undergo a lot to become Rey and to make sure that she was convincing as not only a character but the scavenger and fighter that she had to be in order to survive.

8. When Prince William and Prince Harry visited the Star Wars set she was assigned to show them around.

It could have just as easily been John Boyega or someone else that was selected to show them around, but there had to be a reason why Daisy was tasked with doing so. As much as Boyega means to the films Daisy is after all one of the main stars that drive the whole story.

7. Daisy cried the first time she saw The Force Awakens.

You can imagine Daisy was crying because she was happy and that she’d done something that would help to continue a story that has been in existence since the late 70s, but there’s also a good chance that she was crying because the experience was just so overwhelming as well.

6. Before becoming a big star she was a bartender in London.

To be honest, Daisy barely looks old enough to even be in a pub, but being born in 92 she’s easily old enough and no doubt was considered skilled enough to put behind the bar. One thing she’s definitely got that worked in her favor is that she’s a very attractive woman, and like it or not, sexist or not, female bartenders do tend to pull in a lot more business if they’re good at what they do and enjoy the job, or at least look like they do.

5. She tried being vegan for a while but it didn’t pan out.

After trying it for a little while Daisy decided that it was not quite for her since she still enjoys a few things that come from animals. She went back to eating fish and she does enjoy having honey in her tea, so being vegan is not her thing really.

4. Despite being a good singer Daisy happens to think it’s one of her worst qualities.

Isn’t that usually how it happens? People try to tell you that you’re good at something and whether you are or not your opinion is usually that you’re not since you happen to know yourself better than that, you hope.

3. According to the choreography team Daisy managed to master lightsaber skills that normally take a few days in less than a couple of hours.

It only took Daisy about 90 minutes to pick up routines and techniques that typically take about two to three days for a lot of people to become proficient in. That’s either a lot of dedication or some serious skill.

2. Daisy was at a play with a friend when she found out that she got the part for Star Wars.

Imagine having to sit through a whole play and not tell your friend until the very end. Daisy received an email and a phone message from J.J. Abrams and had to keep it in for the duration of the play she was at.

1. Daisy has fully enjoyed her time with Star Wars at this point.

Daisy really embraced the character of Rey and has managed to enjoy everything about the experience so far. It’s another job no doubt, but it’s one that she and many others will remember for many years to come.

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